We started school way back in 1990 inspired by the belief that a school should be a miniature copy of the world. Our motto is “Come in to learn go out to serve”

Today a teacher’s role in society becomes all the more relevant for the balanced growth of a society or country.

We try to float new thoughts and ideas not only to improve our academic performance but also in our cultural, sports and creating awareness in social issues such as keeping environment clean. Protecting girl child or child labour etc.

We believe in creating our classrooms in which our students stretch themselves to their optimum capacity in pursuit of knowledge under the benevolent guidance of their teachers.

We raise children to be independent and emotionally self sufficient but at the same time loving and caring towards all human beings. The effective association of the staff, parents and students testifies to be the significant strength of the school in reaching the pinnacle of success.

I take this opportunity to express that we are also committed to serve the society through our institution. We are indeed blessed by the virtue of treading this hallowed path of educating and nurturing a child to be a Spartan in their ways and bring about a change in their attitude and acquire a new outlook in life.

It is nostalgic and awe inspiring moment to see the school which stands like a colossal emitting only success under its shade. It is our sincere hope that inspired by this vision to take this institution to new heights in years to come and contribute in building our nation.